Recently a press conference was held at which UFC President Dana White was present and confirmed something rather intriguing to even the most casual of MMA fans. White said the UFC may be interested in organizing a “superfight” between current UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre and UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva. The catch – if GSP beats his opponent at UFC 94, lightweight champ BJ Penn.

So many champions, so many match-ups, eh?

“I think if Georges St. Pierre wins this fight he’ll get Anderson Silva. [I think] Georges St. Pierre has the ability to beat Anderson Silva in a pound-for-pound title fight.”

Count on a catch-weight being agreed upon if the fight materializes, as these two fighters differ quite a bit in walk-around weight. This would certainly eclipse Couture vs. Lesnar, for the title of “biggest fight in UFC history”. BJ vs. GSP is already a bout which will propel the evolution of MMA in the mainstream, but GSP-Silva would hold potential of astronomical proportions.