matt immortal brownI’m going to try something new here after each UFC event and take a quick look some of the fighters who are likely on the cusp of being cut from the promotion. I’ll sum up their performances, benefits to keeping or cutting them and ultimately whether I believe they’ll have another shot in the Octagon.

Let’s begin…

Matt Brown: A TUF 7 alum who’s has a decent record in the UFC (4-3). His overall game is evolving and he has some solid wins over guys like James Wilks and Ryan Thomas. Brown is a scrapper and always puts on exciting bouts. Cut? NO.

Chris Tuchscherer: Going 1-2 in your first three UFC fights with the only victory being a hotly contested, unimpressive decision isn’t the best way to keep your spot in the division. Because Chris trains with Lesnar he may get another shot in an early fall event but don’t count on it because there always need to be space at the bottom for the upcoming crop of brutal heavyweights. Cut? YES.

Seth Petruzelli: Seth poured it on against his opponent Ricardo Romero at 116 and turned in one of the most exciting performances of the night. He’s the man who killed the legend of Kimbo and ultimately Elite XC – something which helped the UFC. He’s a good guy to keep around and match up with another newcomer like he was against Romero. Cut? NO.

Goran Reljic: Reljic came back from a long layoff due to injury at UFC 110 but came up short on the judge’s score cards and it was his first bout at middleweight. Again going to decision this past Saturday, the Croatian got snubbed in a split decision. Goran has plenty of potential and was very impressive in his win against now-UFC castoff Wilson Gouveia. This recent loss is only the second of his career and the UFC likely realizes this exciting fighter could be adjusting to life at 185 – they could reward him with another shot. Cut? NO.