Ken Shamrock is a legend, there is no denying that. He was once touted as “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” but the moniker no longer seems to have the same impact as it did 15 years ago. Shamrock’s best days are long behind him as his record certainly suggests. 2-8 in his last 10 fights. But let’s take a look at who he has lost to in those 8 fights. Don Frye, Tito Ortiz (3 times), Rich Franklin, Sakuraba and Kazuyuki Fujita.

Those 8 losses are against very tough, very experienced opponents who out-boxed and out-wrestled Shamrock. Slice has yet to be challenged with the exception of Thompson, whom Shamrock is light years beyond in experience and skill level.

Shamrock needs to take this W and retire. Tank Abbott has lost to Slice and he has faded further into the world of ‘washed up fighters.’ Ken still has some respect in the MMA world and with a loss to Slice you can definitely see his stock fall lower than it already is.

With a loss Shamrock will be on the same rung as those who do now know when their time is up. He is not quite there yet but another tick under L he most certainly will be. But I am confident he will pull out the victory and once again reclaim his old glory days moniker as ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man’.