brock lesnarUFC’s Primetime series has done a great job this time around at relaying to the fans the advantages champ Brock Lesnar and Cain Velasquez individually possess heading into their UFC 121 heavyweight title clash. American Kickboxing Academy trainers Javier Mendez (world champion kickboxer) and Dave Camarillo (ground game wizard) have particularly come across well on-camera when discussing why Velasquez is such a special athlete and why he stands a great chance at defeating his opponent on October 23 in Anaheim, CA. Mendez and Camarillo are intelligent strategists with a undeniable eye for talent. One look at the fighters the AKA gym hosts and it’s easy to see that coaching within those walls is of top caliber.

As the AKA fighter Cain Velasquez is indeed more accessible by the fan than Brock Lesnar, it could be swaying some folks’ thinking when it comes to which heavyweight has more weapons in the Octagon. Lesnar is a simple man of the Midwest who doesn’t exactly enjoy the cameras rolling while training, at home, or really doing anything other than performing on fight night. This secluded training camp he has crafted in middle-of-nowhere USA leads new MMA fans and even fighters alike (Brendan Schaub) to view his preparations as far too basic. To get some perspective on the credentials these outstanding wrestlers own, it’s best to take a look at the facts.

Brock Lesnar:

  • 5-1 pro record
  • Successfully defended UFC heavyweight title twice
  • 2000 NCAA heavyweight wrestling champion
  • Incredible size and strength advantage in nearly all matches
  • Vicious ground and pound, as seen against Frank Mir

Cain Velasquez:

  • 8-0 pro record
  • Two-time All-American Division 1 NCAA Wrestler
  • Junior College National Wrestling Champ
  • Seemingly endless cardio
  • Crisp striking w/ knockout power, as seen against Big Nog

It’s a tough fight to call ahead of time due to the obvious experience and wrestling background similarities. To actually grant an edge to either athlete requires critique of how they’ve won in the Octagon. With only one loss between both records combined, it’s not the defeats that can shed light on with who the edge lies with. Velasquez has every right to consider himself a formidable foe on Saturday night against the bigger, strong Lesnar. That being said, Brock has already been in a five round fight three times in his short yet wildly successful career. The champ has been convincingly disposing opponents and has given little-to-no doubt that he is more likely to emerge victorious once again than fall to the latest challenger.