randy the natural coutureThat’s the question everyone has been asking. What happened to Randy Couture? The answer is simple; Brock Lesnar happened! This 6’3 280lb (300 when not training) wrecking machine walked in with confidence and walked out with a title. Whats interesting to know is that Randy and Brock both fought for the heavyweight title with just 3 fights under their ‘belts’ with both winning their respective titles. So why the fuss over Brock earning a title shot in his fourth fight? Is it because he has one tick against a perfect record (3-1 and a title vs Randy’s 4-0 and a title) or was it simply because it was Randy holding gold? I’d say its the latter.

Why was there so much protection on Randy? Why did the fans not want Brock to fight Randy? Is it because they knew he was going to lose? I’d say yes. Dana White knew what he was doing. He is obviously a marketing genius who teeters on the line of boxing and professional wrestling in terms of hype. He knew this would be a huge fight and something that could easily bring Randy back out of ‘semi’ retirement and once again into the Octagon. Not saying Randy is beyond his years because he’s not. Like a fine wine he seems to get better with age but how much longer can he remain active?

Brock is being fitted as The Next Big Thing (coincidentally his WWE moniker) and the new face of not just the UFC but MMA. This of course is leaps and bounds better than the ridiculous mysticism behind Kevin Ferguson, better known to ‘new’ MMA fans as Kimbo Slice. We all know how that played out. You can read up on it here; Give Seth His Bread. Anyways back to the point. Lets face it, Lesnar is the new face of UFC/MMA and if the promoting is right (it always is when Dana is at the helm) then the UFC will jump to a whole new echelon that will include new sponsors, larger venues, more production value and a slew of hidden talent.

I would love nothing more than to see Couture come back again and fight Lesnar once more. The reputation of second and third fights, or trilogies have always proven to be very exciting so we can only hope to see these two warriors clash again on the grandest MMA stage of them all. Until then, Randy, step aside..Brock is here!