Rafael Cordeiro is one of the most sought-after and highly respected trainers in all of mixed martial arts. The man’s helped bring out the best in fighters such as Shogun Rua, Ninja Rua, and… Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva. After years of being the main man in Brazil at the world-famous Chute Boxe Academy, he’s now in the U.S. crafting successful gameplans for top MMA athletes who are based in North America.

Tatame.com quotes Cordeiro as saying the man who once held the UFC light-heavyweight belt, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson turned to the ‘dark side’ by seeking the Brazilian’s training expertise in preparation for his upcoming fight with Wanderlei at UFC 92. I say ‘dark side’, being that Rampage has fought (and suffered his share of punishment from) many Chute Boxe fighters over his career.

“I heard something that he wanted to train with me and, when I knew it was his reparation to fight Wanderlei, I didn’t accept. Everybody is professional, but there’s something money can’t buy.”

As one can see, Rafael didn’t accept and stood by his man Wanderlei. Silva’s a former student of, and currently training partners with Cordeiro. Indeed, there are some things money just cannot buy.


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