vitor belfortUFC middleweight Vitor Belfort is set to face Yushin Okami in a match to determine the division’s next #1 contender but has requested a boxing sideshow with none other than James Toney. Belfort threw out the following via his official Twitter account:

“Dana, let me fight James Toney on a 6 round boxing match. I think I can catch him with my speed. Dana, this will be the first boxing match in UFC and I promise he will feel my power and we will show the world that a UFC fighter can do better”

Toney was last seen getting choked out inside the Octagon against MMA legend Randy Couture. The over-the-hill pugilist trash-talked his way into a fight in the UFC and ended up walking away 500,000 thousand dollars richer (collective sigh).

Note to Vitor: I highly suggest you focus on one thing and one thing only in the near future as you have a man-beast to face in Yushin Okami. Toney is an afterthought in mind of MMA fans and shouldn’t be paid this sort of attention via a public message to the bossman. Yes, Toney called out Couture after their initial meeting and issued a boxing match challenge but Randy is smart enough to know there’s little-to-nothing to be gained from such a spectacle. Vitor, let’s keep it on track here. You have a chance to use your immense talents to snare UFC gold in the not too distant future and that should be priority number one.