virginia state seal flagWith the cancellation of Shine Fights’ plans to hold an event at Fairfax’s GMU Patriot Center came questions as to why such a failure was again happening for the upstart company.

The promotion was previously shut down by the North Carolina Boxing Authority after attempting to hold “Worlds Collide” which was to feature Din Thomas vs. Ricardo Mayorga. In addition to the required bond not having been paid in full to the Authority, it became known that a qualified physician was not present. These conditions lead to “Worlds Collide” never taking place.

Today learned after speaking with the Virginia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Program why an upcoming one-night lightweight Grand Prix was disallowed for Fairfax. A member of the Program confirmed the following:

– Virginia state authorities never received any evidence of a bond. Without a bond, the involved parties including fighters would not have been paid.

– The issues Shine encountered in North Carolina did not at all affect happenings here in Virginia.

– As late as last Tuesday, required paper work/information including an application was not submitted by Shine to the proper licensing authorities.

– Virginia is committed to holding safe events as evidenced by other MMA competitions held at the Patriot Center, such as UFC Fight Night 20.

Shine has announced that this event is now tentatively scheduled for a casino venue in Oklahoma. It’s unfortunate for the sport as a whole and specifically the fighters competing for a payday, that operations will not likely be sanctioned.

The Virginia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Program’s transparency in providing the facts on the cancellation of Shine Fights’ plans to hold an event in the Commonwealth and dedication to growing the sport by upholding standards is much appreciated.