the draft bar and grille ufcThe UFC brass have recently gone public with their plans to take out those who illegally distribute unlicensed viewings of their MMA events. Zuffa (UFC parent compant) co-founder Lorenzo Fertitta has gone before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary and delivered a statement relaying his strictly anti-piracy stance.

UFC Pres. Dana White has been mentioning the same sentiment in interviews as of late, that the UFC will find and punish those who pirate the company’s events. On the heels of the announcements of these planned efforts to seek and destroy criminals, a Boston-area bar is already feeling the heat . Shady pubs take notice…

The mixed martial arts organization has sued The Draft and owner Derek Brady for allegedly showing an Oct. 24 pay-per-view fight card without paying a licensing fee.

“This is a situation where a bar has illegally taken our pay-per-view signal without purchasing it through our exclusive closed-circuit providers,” said Lawrence Epstein, the UFC’s general counsel.

The UFC is seeking maximum statutory damages totaling $640,000, plus legal costs.

I personally agree fully with legal action against establishments not willing to comply with licensing. More pirating means less pay-per-view revenue and ultimately higher prices for true fans (and less in the fighters’ pockets). We’ll be posting more on this subject in the near future as it’s sure to become an even hotter discussion point this year.

Source: Boston Herald