lyoto machidaNews breaks today of the UFC reportedly being set to visit Detroit, Michigan on November 20 for “123”. The event is expected to feature light heavyweights Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Lyoto Machida in the main bout of the evening.

Former chairman of the commission and now a UFC representative in Detroit has said the following when asked by about rumors of Rampage vs. Machida being held in the Motor City at “The Palace”.

“I believe Nov. 20 (at the Palace) is a very, very solid date for UFC 123,” Low said. “The request was made today.”  – Al Low

While Detroit has long been a fight town with a boxing history, the local economy is in shambles when compared to the likes of Vegas, Boston, etc. Ticket sales could be very difficult to get going but perhaps some of UFC President Dana White’s social media prowess will offset the lack of D-town residents’ recreational funds.

Source: Detroit Free Press