ufc 108UFC 108 went down last night from the MGM Grand in Vegas and left us fight fans with a bountiful array of knockouts and submissions. In fact, seven of the ten battles inside the Octagon were finished off in dominating fashion.

Both the heavily criticized prelim matches and main card action produced crowd-pleasing competition and even the decisions were largely exciting. The means-of-wins of all ten bouts breakdown as:

  • FOUR knockouts
  • THREE submissions
  • THREE decisions (all unanimous)

With so many finishes and performances that UFC President Dana White has said will result in no-one getting cut, it’s now time for those who slung harsh words about this fight card to come clean with some honest praise of all the athletes who laid it on the line for their promotion and the sport to kick of 2010 with a bang.

Speaking of “Bang”, Duane Ludwig was once again drowning in deep water on the ground and tapped to a powerful armbar slapped on courtesy of his opponent Jim Miller. Miller continues to be a force in the lightweight division and could very well see some contendership bouts in the near future. Hopefully his original opponent Tyson Griffin is once again matched up with him.

I’ve read some others opine that quantity is what saved this event, not quality. I strongly disagree and argue that a second viewing of the event would surely turn the yet-still-naysayers of 108 that the line-up collectively came out guns a’blazing without reservation. Sure, many bouts were shown (some even twice on Spike+PPV) but with so many finishes and brilliant displays of technique and power, one cannot genuinely cling to the mindset of the “Evans vs. Silva” being a potatoes-without-the-meat flop.

It also goes without saying that the main event fight between former champ Rashad Evans and Thiago Silva will result in many questions about both men. The main points to be discussed at length will likely be:

  • Rashad’s landing of only three significant strikes throughout the match
  • Rashad’s being awarded a Gracie black belt, yet never having attempted a submission in the UFC…ever
  • Thiago’s baffling backing-off when Rashad was half out on his feet, allowing the fight to go to a decision
  • Thiago’s inability to avoid the takedown and employ his BJJ when on the ground