ufc espn home page MMA’s overall growth and entrance into the mainstream consciousness of sports media has skyrocketed at an alarming rate over the past few years. This can now be further illustrated by UFC 100 taking over the ESPN home page.

As a huge fan of the sport who wants to see MMA continue to prosper in all aspects, I am sitting here in the 6th Round not-so-luxurious command center with a genuine smile on my face. A smile, I imagine many other long-time enthusiasts share this morning.

This ESPN headline is not just a random, paid-for plug. For the UFC’s upcoming 100 event to be featured prominently in the worldwide leader in sports’ website (over football, basketball, etc.) is a feat that every fan should relish and savor.

Whether they like it or not (assemblyman O’Reilly, we’re looking at you) MMA is here to stay, and it’s only just begun.