phillipe noverAfter a loss in the TUF 8 Finale to lightweight winner Efrain Escudero, Phillipe Nover’s first off-show assignment in the UFC was Kyle Bradley back at 98: “Evans vs. Machida”. Things didn’t go as planned for the fighter of Filipino heritage and the considerable amount of hype following the 155 lbs.’er around surely didn’t help numb the disappointment.

Bradley, who had not impressed many in his previous outings, made impressive work of Nover via a TKO stoppage. That stoppage was rather abrupt and did not come without criticism. Many questioned whether Nover was actually out and a significant amount of fans decried waving off the bout so soon.

In any case, Phillipe has told that he is anticipating an October or November return against an unnamed opponent. We look forward to seeing Nover back in action and having the chance to showcase his skills without foggy reffing.