Light heavyweight contender Thiago Silva (13-0) has said he is recovering well from a back injury that kept him from fighting an eager (13-0) Lyoto “Dragon” Machida for the #1 contender spot at UFC 89 (outside of after Rashad Evans shockingly KO’d Chuck Liddell this month). quotes Silva as mentioning the following:

“I’m doing the physiotherapy well to get better… I’m doing the medical treatment, following correctly, but I still don’t know when I’ll come back. Ultimate said that I won’t fight this year anymore, so I’ll probably be back in January, and I’ll be ready.”

While rumors have flown about who and when Lyoto Machida would face, being the SIlva was injured without a recuperation time, nothing has solidified and it appears that now that the deservedly well-hyped match between these undefeated Brazilians will happen after all. The American Top Team fighter Thiago has said January could be the month we see him return to action.

“I don’t know anything by now, I only know that he’s out too. Probably UFC might continue with this fight, and that’s good for me. I don’t choose opponents, these things happen, people get hurt, and inJanuary I”ll be ready and stronger, and they can put anyone”, told Silva, that watched Chuck Liddell’s fight with Rashad Evans.

Let’s hope that this fight finds its way to fruition because I along with the majority of educated fans know how important and exciting this math would likely be to the stacked light heavyweight division. Everyone’s vying for that top spot for a chance at the strap, and the hunt is getting thicker by the day. Forrest, my friend, you’re at the top of a very anxious heap!