I’m going to take a wild stab at something here and feel free to comment if you think any of what is about to follow is completely out of line. When an employee of any one person, multiple persons, company, government, etc., there are certain fundamental rules to be followed. If these rules are broken, there are consequences. Often times the deliberate insubordination of superiors in any employment situation can and will result in fast-tracked termination. When Office 2010 deletes some precious files you hadn’t yet finished because they weren’t properly backed up beforehand, an ill-advised reaction would be to slap your helpdesk manager. This is true in most people’s realities – but not in Paul Daley’s.

You see, “Semtex” (as the British fighter goes by) thought it acceptable in his small-minded world to sucker punch opponent Josh Koscheck after being dealt a one-sided beatdown at UFC 113. It has been qualified as “disgusting” by UFC President Dana White and I could not personally describe such a dishonorable act any better than Daley’s former employer himself.

Fighting is a sporting activity filled with emotions but to throw a blow long after a fight has ended is in every sense of the word, unacceptable. Most everyone with common sense who follows MMA has agreed across the board that although the act itself was essentially Paul spitting on the sport that’s provided him a living, yet the most damaging part of the situation was the fighter’s complete lack of regret. Not one apology nor ounce of contemplation was uttered by Daley following his childish outburst.

Dana = UFC God. He created his world (ZUFFA UFC) and he rules it with an iron rod…”His world” But not my world, I was still making money, fighting and winning before the UFC and i will carry on doing the same now im not with the UFC.

Haters keep talking about me, doing me the world of good.

Supporters, Thank you.

The aforementioned is Paul Daley’s latest offering to the MMA world. As is the case with those who choose ignorance over reality, he wishes to blame everyone but himself (for no longer being employed by the company that took a chance on him and pushed him towards a potentially very lucrative title shot). In Daley’s mind, it is clear he believes not enough damage was done on the night of UFC 113 and he must tarnish his soiled reputation so badly that the amount of time which must pass between now and potential redemption will be longer than his already-curtailed career. Until “Semtex” develops as a person, he will not flourish as a fighter – and could find himself completely written off as one of bigger wastes of talent the sport has seen.

Source: The UG