The list of fighters competing in the upcoming season (12) of The Ultimate Fighter has been made public. These lightweights will compete for a six-figure contract with the UFC. There are some impressive records here with this cast and initial stats seem to point to a good season. Coaches will be Josh Koscheck and Georges St-Pierre with the first episode airing on Spike TV, Sept. 15.

J.J. Ambrose
Fighting out of: Santa Clara, Calif.
Training team: American Kickboxing Academy
Pro record: 12-2
Age: 23

Paul Barrow
Fighting out of: Tampa, Fla.
Training team: Gracie Tampa
Pro record: 2-0
Age: 24

Jason Brenton
Fighting out of: Grand Junction, Colo.
Training team: Eighth Street Impact Boxing
Pro record: 6-0
Age: 23

Jonathan Brookins
Fighting out of: Orlando, Fla.
Training team: Gracie Barra Orlando
Pro record: 11-2
Age: 24

Mike Budnik
Fighting out of: Broken Arrow, Okla.
Training team: Triton
Pro record: 8-4
Age: 35

Alex Caceres
Fighting out of: Miami, Fla.
Training team: Young Tigers Foundation
Pro record: 4-2
Age: 21

Sako Chivitchian
Fighting out of: Glendale, Calif.
Training team: Gokor/Gene Le Bell/Hayastan MMA
Pro record: 5-0
Age: 26

Joseph Duffy
Fighting out of: Donegal, Ireland
Training team: Falcon Martial Arts
Pro record: 7-0
Age: 22

Pablo Garza
Fighting out of: Fargo, N.D.
Training team: Academy of Combat Arts
Pro record: 7-0
Age: 26

Toby Grear
Fighting out of: Los Angeles
Training team: True Warrior
Pro record: 7-4-1
Age: 30

Dan Head
Fighting out of: Sharpsville, Ind.
Training team: Indiana Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy
Pro record: 6-2
Age: 23

Michael Johnson
Fighting out of: Springfield, Mo.
Training team: Springfield Fight Club
Pro record: 8-4
Age: 24

Amir Khillah
Fighting out of: Kalamazoo, Mich.
Training team: Jeremy Horn’s Elite
Pro record: 6-4
Age: 30

Jeff Lentz
Fighting out of: Lanoka Harbor, N.J.
Training team: Kurt Pellegrino MMA Academy
Pro record: 6-1
Age: 21

Sevak Magakian
Fighting out of: Glendale, Calif.
Training team: Hayastan MMA/Main Event
Pro record: 8-3
Age: 24

Steve Magdaleno
Fighting out of: Torrance, Calif.
Training team: VMAT MMA Gym
Pro record: 5-1
Age: 28

Andy Main
Fighting out of: Boonton, N.J.
Training team: AMA Fight Club
Pro record: 4-1
Age: 21

Cody McKenzie
Fighting out of: Metaline, Wash.
Training team: Fancy Pants Fight Team
Pro record: 10-0
Age: 22

T.J. O’Brien
Fighting out of: Prole, Iowa
Training team: Round Kick MMA
Pro record: 13-3
Age: 23

Spencer Paige
Fighting out of: Watertown, N.Y.
Training team: Central New York MMA
Pro record: 5-2
Age: 24

Nam Phan
Fighting out of: Garden Grove, Calif.
Training team: Ma Du Academy
Pro record: 15-7
Age: 27

Mike Richman
Fighting out of: Rosemount, Minn.
Training team: Minnesota Fight Factory
Pro record: 8-0
Age: 24

Dane Sayers
Fighting out of: Fargo, N.D.
Training team: Academy of Combat Arts
Pro record: 7-1
Age: 22

Ariel Sexton
Fighting out of: San Jose, Calif.
Training team: Renzo Gracie Academy
Pro record: 6-3
Age: 28

Marc Stevens
Fighting out of: Lorraine, N.Y.
Training team: Team Balance/Relson Gracie Academy
Pro record: 12-5
Age: 24

Kyle Watson
Fighting out of: St. Louis
Training team: The Hit Squad
Pro record: 13-6-1
Age: 30

Ran Weathers
Fighting out of: Albquerque, N.M.
Training team: Greg Jackson’s MMA Academy
Pro record: 13-5
Age: 28

Aaron Wilkinson
Fighting out of: Manchester, England
Training team: Wolfslair MMA Academy
Pro record: 6-3
Age: 23