Due to my time constraints this week, I’ll jump right into what you guys and gals without DVRs might have missed. Junie Browning fought Roli Delgado in this week’s episode (#6) of The Ultimate Fighter season 8 “Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir”.

We as TUF fans, were treated to seeing who was paired up for this week’s bout, at the end of last week’s show. Josh Rosenthal ref’d the fight between these two lightweights and it was a scrap to be remembered.


Round 1: Junie sweeps Roli and the man with a ‘McDonald’s black belt’ hits the mat. Junie doesn’t wish to test his opponent’s ground skills and they’re back to their feet. Contrary to what we saw during Delgado’s training preview, he has some fairly active hands and kicks.

Junie is noticeably hesitant and can’t get inside Roli’s reach. While Browning stays fairly inactive, Delgado throws jabs and straights paired up with the occasional body or front kick. When Junie does decide to finally engage a bit, he’s met with solid counters from Roli. Roli looks to have won this round.

Round 2: Junie’s obviously been talked to thoroughly by his corner as he’s true to his word before the fight and comes out with some power and combinations that bad intentions written all over. Roli’s gassing, as is Junie, but Browning is landing much more shots than he did in the previous round.

Delgado’s lack of power and dropping of the hands begin to cost him some damage from the fast moving, high powered hands of his opponent. Coach Mir can be heard encouraging Junie to take advantage of Roli looking hurt, and inflict more body shots. Roli nearly loses the match when he’s dropped to the mat by a hard right, but the two eventually find themselves standing once again.

Round 3: With the first two rounds having been so close, we have more of the same in the third with plenty of back-and-forth. Roli’s appeared to gained a second wind and is landing more shots again, but Junie’s punches are far more destructive.

Roli’s sent to the ground again but Junie again wishes to stand, and delivers some kicks to the on-his-back Roli. In the last minute of the fight, more leg kicks are traded with some solid punches from Browning landing on Delgado’s face and mid-section.

Junie wins by split decision but admits Roli’s earned his respect and should have won the match. Did someone feed Junie a slice of humble pie after the fight? Browning also apologizes to Team Nogueira for his antics of disrespecting Roli’s supposed black belt (a belt which Coach Mir also questioned).


Well that’s it for tonight folks. Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned for next week’s installment of 6th-Round.com’s chronicling of The Ultimate Fighter season 8!

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