TUF 8 episode 5 starts off by reliving the wonderful memories of Junie going nutso last week, pranks being played by team Mir on team Nogueira, and how Efrain Escudero faced off against Shane Nelson inside the octagon. The brilliantly produced theme/intro begins and the latest installment is underway.

A quick recap of the Escudero – Nelson fight sets the stage for us to see Junie goes abso-friggin-lutely blotto (again) as he hops the cage and is furious at both the result of the fight and how Efrain won. Clearly, the lightweight who elegantly sports a hand grenade tattoo on his hand, doesn’t want to see “another boring-a** wrestler in the UFC“.

“Junie I guess had jumped the cage, and I got Nogueira the other coach, trying to hold him back.”
– Coach Frank Mir

Mir questions a frazzled Junie whether he wants to be in the house or not. There’s not much response from Browning, as it appears he’s rocketing back to reality. Of course, the big question now is will the kid be kicked off the show (again).

UFC President Dana White tell us the the athletic commissioner was absent that day and if he had been present, Junie’s license to fight would have certainly been revoked.

“This kid has… this kid’s got nine lives.” – White, in reference to the volatile Junie Browning.

Some more commentary from the mentally troubled Junie, some friendly back and forth congrats and slaps on the back between the locker rooms, and Efrain tells assistant coach Stankie that he wants Junie next.

Junie, Junie, Junie. Are you all getting enough of this kid? Hah, I would imagine everyone watching the show is at least somewhat anticipating his next chance to back up his antics, as much as I am. Coach Frank Mir tells Browning how he’s now having to deal with the feedback and criticism of the team, due to the immature actions. Junie apologizes by saying sorry, but Mir holds strong and relays that “sorry doesn’t mean sh*t, make it up“. Finally, someone holding this guy somewhat accountable.

Some more posturing and back and forth between Junie and some other castmates, as you’d so rightly imagine, and we’re treated to current UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva being brought in by Nogueira to help train and instruct the fighters. Ryan Bader has a fairly intense sparring session with “The Spider” Silva and attracts quite a crowd in the gym. It seems the fighters are reacting well to Silva’s attitude and friendly personality, as can be seen in the training and energy levels.

Team Mir light-heavyweight Krzysztof Soszynski decides his next prank will be to saturate, wrap, and freeze Efrain’s underwear. Wait folks, that’s not all. If you watch now, Krzysztof will throw in a free itching powder prank with help from Tom Lawlor, at no additional cost. Heh, these guys are just asking for it now.

Team Nogueira finally discovers Efrain’s boxers in the deep freeze, before finding their rears itching to high heaven from the powder Team Mir dumped throughout the beds. This of course, escalates to the Nogueira fighters retaliating with a sardine smear effort lead by the determined Kyle Kingsbury. Big Nog is not pleased at the lack of sleep affecting team members like Efrain Escudero, and his attempts at having Frank Mir reprimand his guys, doesn’t sit well with the current interim UFC heavyweight title holder Nogueira.

Big Nog makes a visit to the house with Stankie to hopefully round up everyone and put a stop to the pranks which he feels is negatively affecting the conditioning of his and Mir’s fighters. Unfortunately for him, the announcement that pranks must stop, fall on deaf ears. Finally, some of Team Mir, including Krzysztof and Eliot Marshall, show us they feel it’s silly that the coach must stick up for his adult fighters on such a menial issue. The gap between the teams widens…

This episode’s fight is announced by Nogueira and we learn it will be Shane Primm vs. Eliot Marshall. Marshall displayed some high-level jiu jitsu in his first fight on the show against Karn, and Mir is very confident they will get the win. Shane is an interesting character who is talking quite confidently about his chances, and it seems over the top.

We get a little background info on both guys, and learn that Eliot’s training is observed by Mir to be intense and dominating, but not what he puts on inside the octagon. Eliot will have to put it all together and bring the heat against a very, very confident Shane Primm.


Fight time…

Shane Primm comes out to test his stand-up against a well-moving Eliot Marshall. Shane’s superman punch attempt falls flat without much conviction behind it and Eliot scores a takedown reversal. Marshall gets full mount soon after both men go to the ground, and it’s looking grim for Primm who appears lost and confused.

Eliot’s going for the rear naked choke, repeatedly, and finally sinks it in. A oxygen-deprived Shane taps out and Team Mir gets their first win of the season.

Nogueira takes the loss pretty hard, and tells Shane he is a fan of the kid’s heart. Team Mir, is thrilled to be in control of the next fight arrangements and Dana White says Mir needs to be brighter in the upcoming pick than Nogueira was in choosing Primm to take on Marshall.


Next week’s match-up is surprisingly revealed early, to be the crazed Junie Browning going against Roli Delgado. Heck, Junie even tells America that he believes Delgado’s black belt was obtained from McDonalds. Fireworks, are a guarantee for episode 6.



“I was thinking about making meatballs with poo-poo in them or something.” – Phillipe Nover’s brainstorm session, for getting back at the other team.

“The athlete got to rest.” – Coach Nogueira, concerned as to the toll pranks are taking.

“First of all, I’m gonna eat those sardines.” – Boxing coach Stankie, lamenting the poor use of sardines in the house, as a prank.


Well that’s it for tonight folks. Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned for next week’s installment of 6th-Round.com’s chronicling of The Ultimate Fighter season 8!

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