Episode 4 of The Ultimate Fighter season 8 ‘Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir’ kicked off tonight with a quick highlight review of last week’s fight between light-heavyweights Ryan Bader (Team Nog) and Tom Lawlor (Team Mir). We’re taken through the explosive KO that Bader delivered to Lawlor through a guard pass, and it’s safe to say everyone watching at home is now brought up to speed.

Cut scene to the house, where the lads are all gathered in a room with a hard-to-find-in-TUF television set. Dana White explains that they’re letting everyone watch UFC 84. The event of course, featured a main bout of B.J. Penn vs. Sean Sherk for the lightweight title. It should be noted that TUF 8 contestant and Team Mir lightweight Shane Nelson actually studies under Penn in Hilo, Hawaii. This will play into the later happenings, but back to the situation at hand.

Junie Browning who rode a rocketsled of raw emotion ranging from joy, to violence, to tears, to…. everything under the sun, decides along with Shane Nelson that it would be a good idea to pour up drinky-drinks. One can only assume this is because it worked out so well for him last time. The vodka and Red Bull flows like water for these two, and out comes the belligerent side of each character. Unfortunately for the other fighters in the house, Shane reveals he’s a pea in a pod when with Junie. Double trouble ensues, and the race to the boiling point begins.

“As long as I can keep my head on straight, I know I’ll be one of the best fighters in the world, eventually.” – Junie

So much for that dream, if he continues to act the way he did after the UFC 84 broadcast came to a close. Junie smack talks with everyone, egging others on at every chance, and even resorting to throwing food and glass. After cutting a castmate from Big Nog’s team, the crew’s found in the kitchen where BJ-taught Shane gets JB-taught to run his mouth at level-headed Efrain Escudero. After physical and verbal taunting, the drunk duo of Browning and Nelson head downstairs for more liquid craziness.

By this time in the show, it’s clear Junie has alcoholic tendencies and all signs point to him indeed being an alcoholic in need of serious help. While flinging furniture, glass and everything else in his site into the pool, Junie of course grabs the attention of his concerned housemates. There’s a saying that goes a little something like, “nothing good happens after midnight”. Well in the case of TUF 8, nothing good happens when Junie Browning hits the bottle.

After increasingly chaotic wreckage spurns from JB’s 150-and-some-odd pound body, light-heavyweight Krzysztof Soszynski steps in and declares the madman needs to go home before he hurts himself and/or anyone else further. Krzysztof makes sure Junie’s clothes find their way into the pool he (Junie) so fashionably saturated with wicker lawn chairs and broken glass. It’s the aforementioned boiling point of that night, as Junie is furious and gets told he’s “the biggest b*tch of all” multiple times, because he can’t handle taking what he dishes out.

At a point that I found to be both righteous and funny, the clothes are back in the pool and this time Ryan Bader takes the blame, only out of what is clear disapproval for Junie’s sloppy behavior and verbal garbage. Browning throws fists, kicks, grabs, etc. at nearly everyone and particularly Bader. Eventually things calm down and we’re once again treated to tears from the loaded lightweight. Wow, just wow.

“Felt like I had a real good chance to win this thing.” – Junie

Dana White visits the house and calls a meeting at which everyone attends. Some, understandably, are more nervous than others. In a speech that will go down in TUF history as one of the great Dana White moments, the President of the UFC (and these young men’s boss) asks both Junie and Shane “what the f**k is wrong with you,” and if they truly want to fight and stay in the competition. The two hungover 155ers sheepishly agree they wish to continue. White states that Junie is sick and is a major jacka** when drunk and likely when sober as well. The dissatisfaction spills over onto Shane Nelson as well, when Dana tells the youngster “you’re a drunken retard too”.

“You guys probably watched every season and go ‘look at those idiots‘ and now you’re those idiots.” “Quit acting like f***ing retards. Have a good day, guys.”

White states that Nelson will get his wish to fight, and is the first lightweight to be matched up. Shane appears to nearly wet his pants as the UFC Pres. puts him and Junie into check. We learn his opponent will be none other than the 10-0 fighter he taunted when wasted, Efrain Escudero. Time to put up, or shut up.

Fight time…

The opening round delivers some decent action and movement for position both standing up and on the ground, between Shane and Efrain. Surprisingly, Nogueira is considerably more vocal cageside, than he has been before. As the round comes to a close, Escudero manages a good takedown and secures what 6th-Round.com scores as a winning round for him.

Before the bell, Big Nog advises Efrain to keep the hands up, and Mir instructs Shane to work some pace from the outside and be aware of chances to throw a knee. The second round starts and we see that Shane is clearly gassed, while his opponent is charged and ready to go another five minutes.

Efrain looks crisp on his feet and dominant when it goes to the ground. From here, his superior Jiu Jitsu is showcased via a sneaky triangle choke. After a roll which ends with Efrain on top and beautiful submission still locked in place, the mouthy Shane taps out.

With Big Nog’s team up 2-0 at this point, Junie can hardly believe what just happened inside the cage. In a fit of frustration about Efrain’s winning techniques, he hops the octagon and charges at any and all red jerseys (Team Nogueira).

Episode 5’s preview airs shortly after the post-fight mayhem, with restraining attempts being made and Mir warning the blond haired time-bomb Browning may finally get the boot with such antics. This, Anderson Silva with Team Nogueira, and much more sure to come a week from now.



^^ See above, as they were just much too priceless to leave until the end.


Well that’s it for tonight folks. Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned for next week’s installment of 6th-Round.com’s chronicling of The Ultimate Fighter season 8!

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