Tonight’s TUF 8 episode starts off with us getting to known the fighters better, including Junie Browning shedding some light on his rough-n-tumble youth.

“I was raised to be tough. Poor. Poor as [expletive]. We lived in a little-bitty small trailer back in Kentucky. Just arguments all the time, ” Browning states. We learn more of this lightweight’s issues, later on in the episode.

Unfortunately for Brian McLaughlin and Karn Grigoryan, doubts as to their ability to stay in the house and compete, when it’s known they have fractured noses. What’s even worse for McLaughlin, is that his was delivered via an illegal knee during the elimination round. As thought to be possible, both fighters are asked to leave the show when the Nevada State Athletic Commission hands down 180 day suspensions. The awkward silence is indeed, awkward, when Brian and Karn simply slouch to the side of the gym and don’t actually exit the room. Dana White has to kindly ask them again, to leave.

Now that the group is down two men, replacement chatter begins to formulate. Light-heavyweight Kyle Kingsbury returns, and of course excited. The second man is announced to be a lightweight and on his way back to Vegas, from flying home.

Coach Frank Mir wins the coin toss to kick off the selection process, and he opts to pick the first fighter, leaving coach Big Nog with the right to pick the first fight, instead.

The following orders were how the team were selected, with light-heavyweights first, then lightweights. Krzysztof Soszynski was the very first pick, while George Roop got scooped up last.

Team Mir


  • Krzysztof Soszynski
  • Vinny Magalhaes
  • Eliot Marshal
  • Tom Lawlor


  • Junie Browning
  • Shane Nelson
  • David Kaplan
  • George Roop

Team Nogueira


  • Ryan Bader
  • Shane Primm
  • Kyle Kingsbury
  • Jules Bruchez


  • Phillipe Nover
  • Efrain Escudero
  • John Polakowski
  • Unknown lightweight


With the teams of Mir and Nogueira set, John Polakowski busts out his infamous hugs, one by one. This guy has a good heart, but I wonder if we’ll see his serious side when it comes time in the octagon.

Mir and his team shows confidence and state that Big Nog’s picking Ryan Bader to face off against their Tom Lawlor, is a big mistake. Around this time we meet assistant coaches for Team Mir, Ken Hanh and Robert Drysdale.

Once again illustrating some differences between the methods of Frank and Antonio, Nogueira’s coaches are 67-year old Al “Stankie” Stankiewicz (stand-up) and Daniel Valverde (ground game).

Things don’t stay calm for long though, as Junie Browning reveals he has some emotional distress which flows like the liquor he pours, when the sun sets down in good ol’ Vegas. Pool sticks, glass, and furniture breaks at the hands of the promising lightweight. It all wraps up with a melting pot of rage and sadness, twined together with clips of Browning accounting for his behavior by further noting a hard-knock childhood. Krzysztof says, he may be the “Chris Leben” of this season.

Sun rises again, and we see the unknown lightweight being brought back by Dana and co. for Team Nogueira is none other than Roli Delgado.

After a prank played on Team Nog by Team Mir, of saran wrapping nearly every article of under-clothing to the mattresses and diving board, we’re treated to the first fight of the season (outside of eliminations).

Referee Herb Dean kicks things off inside the octagon and Ryan and Tom start to go at it. After Lawlor snuffs out Bader’s takedown attempts, some hands fly back and forth. Showing his strength, Ryan brings Tom down to the mat and delivers a few strikes, but they eventually make it back to their feet.

With Lawlor gaining confidence and getting more aggressive, he zips in with speed and is swiftly taken down with force by Bader. It is from here on in that Bader seals the deal with some impressive ground and pound, ending in a KO by way of right hand strike in a guard pass.

As one would imagine, Team Nogueira is clearly excited with getting the first win, while coach Mir chats with a jarred, defeated Lawlor.

Next week’s episode preview brings on glimpses of what is clearly…you guessed it…more Junie antics. Dana’s not happy, and/or clearly concerned as to what’s already transpiring inside the house, when he makes an appearance there and states that someone “could have been killed last night”. As if that wasn’t enough to tantalize TUF fans, we catch some footage of cage-jumping, more destruction and general chaos.



“When u break something down and teach it to someone else, you really get to learn the technique again for the first time.” – Coach Frank Mir talking about how his role with his team benefits both them, and him.

“I just wanted to kill him.” – Shane Nelson, so eloquently describing his feelings towards TUF castmate Efrain Escudero, during a preview of next week’s drunken tirades.

“…You guys were saying ‘look at those idiots’, and now you’re those idiots.” – UFC President Dana White talking to the group after an apparent night of alcohol-induced craziness, during the preview of episode 4.


Well that’s it for tonight folks. Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned for next week’s installment of’s chronicling of The Ultimate Fighter season 8!