The Ultimate Fighter season 8 aired its second episode tonight on Spike TV. As has been the case with previous episodes and last season, the action gets underway without delay and we’re shown the fifth lightweight bout to determine who stays and who gets packing.

As expected, Coaches Frank Mir and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira are watching along with UFC Pres. Dana White. I alluded to the differences between Frank and Antonio in last week’s post, and tonight proved to be more revealing of this in the sense that Mir was considerably more communicative with the fighters inside the octagon who he was impressed with and felt would listen to instruction.

Check out tonight’s fight results, followed by’s “TUF 8 moment of the night” and “TUF 8 quotes of the night”.


Lightweight elimination bout: Wesley Murch (3-2) vs John Polakowski (2-1)

(Polakowski by TKO)


Light heavyweight elimination bout: Shane Primm (1-0) vs Sean O’Connell (1-1)

(Primm by rear naked choke submission)


Lightweight elimination bout: Ido Pariente (13-4) vs. Efrain Escudero (10-0)

(Escudero by via rear naked choke submission)


Light heavyweight elimination bout: Ryan Lopez (4-3) vs. Tom Lawler (4-1-1)

Lawler wins via rear naked choke submission)


Lightweight elimination bout: Roli Delgado (5-3-1) vs George Roop (8-3)

(Roop by unanimous decision)


Light heavyweight elimination bout: Kyle Kingsbury (7-1) vs. Ryan Bader (7-0)

Bader wins via arm triangle choke submission)


Lightweight elimination bout: Charles Diaz (3-0) vs Shane Nelson (9-3)

(Nelson by unanimous decision)



Light heavyweight elimination bout: Eliot Marshall (5-1) vs. Karn Grigoryan (5-0)

Dana sizes up both fighters and although Eliot impresses us with the revealing of his jiu jitsu background, the UFC President comments on how Karn may be a dominant force in the fight due to all former and current Armenian fighters in the UFC being crazy.

The fight got underway with Grigoryan attempting to put some stand-up hurt on Marshall, but once these gents hit the mat, it’s Marshall’s world and the Armenian’s craziness is stuffed by some excellent jiu jitsu technique. scores Round 1 for Marshall.

On to round 2 where we see more stand-up exchanges between the two light heavyweights, but the difference is clearly Marshall’s attention to the advice coach Frank Mir is delivering cageside. Ears open, Eliot does a crisp job of throwing right jabs as Karn forces in some increasingly hesitant leg kicks. Once again, scores Round 2 for Marshall.

Round 3 brings the fight quickly to the ground after a few attempts at bombs from each man, results in no considerable damage. Grigoryan is plenty bloodied at this point, but the fight continues on after referee Steve Mazzagatti stand the light heavies back up after checking on Karn. scores Round 3 for Marshall.

Now, what was surely shocking to not only Dana, Frank Mir, Eliot, and anyone with a functioning brain, the “judges” scored the fight in favor of Karn, via split decision. As I sat in disbelief at the sheer injustice just performed on Eliot Marshall, the playing field tilted somewhat back to level as Antwain Britt’s broken hand opened up the opportunity for Marshall to stay in the house and assume Britt’s spot.



Lastly, there are always some classic lines uttered by both the contestants, coaches, and Dana. Enjoy…

“Goofball” – Frank Mir in reaction to Polakowski’s unabashed energetic, serial hugging.

“I love giving hugs to everybody” – Polakowski’s admission of being a serial hugger.

“A lot of people like to fight in the streets, but where’s that going to get me? Probably get shot up in an alley; end up in a canal or something” – Escudero eloquently describing his decision to fight in the octagon and not the streets.

“I’m a bounty hunter by day, and fighter by evening, I guess. I don’t have to worry about getting shot at here, hehe!” – Ryan Lopez


Well that’s it for tonight folks. Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned for next week’s installment of’s chronicling of The Ultimate Fighter season 8!