tamdan mccrory
Exciting fan-favorite welterweight Tamdan McCrory has been released by the UFC following his most recent fight. A close loss to John Howard at UFC 101 has sent “The Barncat” back to building his stock in smaller shows.

Leading into 101, McCrory had said his frame was filling out and a move to middleweight would be likely. After having seen the popular 22 year old fighter drained on the scale in Philly from an intense weight, I can attest that the move up would eventually be beneficial.

To quote…

After a disappointing loss at UFC 101, Tamdan McCrory was released today by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). McCrory, was 3-3 in the UFC, with an overall record of 11-3.

Leading up to his most recent fight, McCrory had expressed concerns over continuing to cut to 170 lbs. Visibily drained at the UFC 101 weigh-in, the effects of the weight cut seemed to carry into the fight as the performance was lacking for the usually exciting McCrory.

With his layoff from the UFC, McCrory will look to gain experience and build size to perhaps fill his 6’4″ frame into the middleweight division. At only 22 years of age, an eventual return to the UFC is more than likely.

Source: The UG