sky ufc 100 uk

Great news for UK MMA fans comes in the form of UFC 100 now set to be aired in the Kingdom via Sky TV.

The Sun reports that the new, temporary home for the world’s biggest MMA promotion will likely be announced at any time now.

Setanta Sports had originally been the television vehicle for delivering UFC to fans across the pond, however that recently came to an unexpected end when Setanta suffered a financial meltdown. Attempts by investors to save the failing Irish-based broadcaster fell short.

Now, worries from the past few weeks as to how the epic UFC 100 event would be shown in the UK can be put to rest with specifically, a nine hour period of time with which Sky can air UFC programming this Saturday.

What will most certainly be the talking point from here on in is whether Sky will remain the home for UFC in the UK, or if a contender for a tv deal (ESPN, Virgin 1, Bravo) will become who enthusiasts can turn to in the coming years.