chuck liddellWe don’t often go out on such a long limb in this fashion, however rumors are abound of a star-studded “Spider” vs. “Iceman” match-up for UFC 100. The bout would serve as the July 11 main event.

Although surely questionable due to Liddell’s decline in success as of late, the fight would make sense on several levels and is in line with quotes served up by various MMA figures in the past month.

– Silva’s manager Ed Soares has been noted as saying the middleweight champ will fight at 205 lbs. in 2009.

– UFC President Dana White had stated a main event for 100 was not yet in place, as of last weekend.

– Both Liddell and Silva are to compete at UFC 97 in April, and would have ample prep time for a July battle.

As I mentioned, this fight would appeal to fans both new, and old. Chuck remains a huge star in the States and overseas (as exemplified by his reception in the Philippines). Silva, is a current champ, former Pride stand-out, and will continue an undefeated UFC record should he best Thales Leites.

Although I can see reasons for these two marketable draws not to meet at 100, the potential is apparent in more than one way and would surely create a massive buzz for the historic event.

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