charles mask lewisCharles “Mask” Lewis gone but not forgotten

It has been a year since the sudden, tragic passing of a man the MMA world loves – Charles Lewis, founder of TapouT. “Mask” as he was and is still well known as, gave so much of himself to the sport we all love. For his dedication, honesty, help to others and huge personality, he is so fondly remembered every day. In fact, check the cage door at the next UFC event and you’ll see a familiar name in white print.


Matt Serra to host UFC 111 Q&A session

Matt Serra will field questions from fans prior to fight night in New Jersey later this month. The NY native is a true east coast’er and defeated the event’s headliner GSP when he won the world welterweight title.

First part of UFC Primetime series aired last night

Several hours ago, Spike TV aired the first episode in a three-part series which promotes the upcoming Georges St. Pierre vs. Dan Hardy welterweight title fight. The second installment will broadcast next Wednesday at 10 pm EST. As usual, the videography is top-flight. Do yourself a favor and catch Primetime.

UFC 111 sells out

Looking for tickets to GSP vs. Hardy in the Garden State? If so, you may have quite the challenge ahead of you as Dana White has announced that the event is sold out. Luckily, the UFC President will be tweeting away some passes for fans who follow his account for details.

WEC 47 ratings low

Initial reports for WEC’s “Bowles vs. Cruz” broadcast ratings say the numbers are the second lowest in the past couple years. With a move to pay-per-view (WEC 48) the lower draw isn’t a huge blow but proves two things. One, that the conflict with DirecTV not offering Versus is indeed preventing fans from catching the fights. Two, that stars like Urijah Faber, Ben Henderson, Donald Cerrone, etc. generate far more public interest outside of the hardcore fan base than Bowles, Cruz, Benavidez, etc.