carano coker santosStrikeforce will hold a conference call today at 2 p.m. EST regarding its upcoming event on August 15th. Airing on Showtime, the main attraction will be Gina Carano and Cris “Cyborg” Santos battling for the first-ever women’s Strikeforce title.

Additionally, Nick Diaz is set to face Jay Heiron for the first-ever welterweight title, Renato “Babalu” Sobral defends the light-heavyweight title from newly signed Gegard Mousasi and Gilbert Melendez seeks revenge against Mitsuhiro Ishida to maintain the interim lightweight belt.

Recently, the Nick Diaz vs. Jay Heiron bout has been though of as in jeopardy with Diaz failing to show for a pre-fight drug test administered by the CSAC. reports the following notes from today’s Strikeforce conference call.

(updates begin at 2 p.m. EST)

– Fights will start live at 5:30 at the HP Pavillion, Showtime telecast begins 10 p.m. EST

– Sobral, Mousasi, Hieron, on the call. Diaz is NOT present and is apparently M.I.A.

– Coker says Strikeforce is committed to putting on cards “stacked from top to bottom”

– Nick Diaz is supposedly on his way to L.A. to take drug test, but they are not offering any concrete info on his licensing status

– Sobral thanks Scott for putting on the fight with Mousasi, says Gegard is a good challenge for him

– Gegard is now on the call. Says he is happy Scott Coker made the fight happen especially with Affliction’s collapse

– Jay thanks Strikeforce and Coker for signing him and giving him a title shot

The conference call is now open to questions…

– Sobral says he is training with good boxers to prepare for Gegard

(audio quality is extremely choppy right now)

– Gegard is asked about his contract situation and what he think he will do going forward

(call is dropped, re-connect in progress…)

– Coker says first time he saw Mousasi was in DREAM

– Strikeforce is supportive of Mousasi pursuing a boxing career on Showtime, in addition to fighting in DREAM, Strikeforce, M1, the list goes on… Hmm.

– Coker is asked is there is a contingency plan if Diaz doesn’t get licensed. Plan is apparently in place. Coker guarantees Hieron fights on the night of Aug. 15.

– Coker is asked if anyone has been in contact with Diaz or his camp

– Coker says he hopes Diaz makes the right decision and takes his drug test by 3 p.m. PST today

– Hieron says he turned down the UFC for Strikeforce, because he could get a title shot right away

– Mousasi is asked about moving to heavyweight

– Coker is asked if Diaz isn’t licensed, will the Hieron fight still be for the title

– Strikeforce will decide if Hieron still fights for the title depending on opponent (outside of Diaz)

– Hieron says he’ll fight anyone they give him on any notice

– Scott Coker is asked if he is frustrated with Nick and why Diaz didn’t show for the CSAC testing

– Coker says Diaz was training in the mountains and apparently had confusion with CSAC

Coker is asked about the ladies handling longer rounds in a championship fight. He says he has not talked to the camps about that

– Hieron is asked about how all the changes and challenges in his career have affected him. He says it has made him a better fighter and competitor, 100% focused

– Coker begins talking about how the media correctly perceives the women’s fight is historic

– Gina is “Danica Patrick” of MMA, according to Coker

– Hieron confirms he has signed a multi-fight deal with Strikeforce

– Hieron says he thinks Diaz is a top fighter and has a great name to fight against

– Showtime 2 Sports will be showing Carano-hosted series this week, airing Gina and Cyborg fights

– Coker says he has understands problems with fight cards is part of the game

– Baroni will not be Diaz’s replacement against Hieron

– CSAC says that Diaz or his camp have not been in touch with the commission, and must be by noon

– Coker says even though the venue will not sell out, he is happy with 10-13k attendance

– UFC counter-programming is “in their business model” and the norm, says Coker

– Strikeforce will release statement before end of the day about Diaz outcome

– Sobral says Strikeforce is his house and he’s going to stay for a while as the champion