quinton rampage jacksonFormer UFC light heavyweight champion and PRIDE star Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has recently been discussed at length but not for his performances (or lack there of).

Jackson abruptly left his responsibilities within the fighting organization a few months back to pursue a role in the upcoming A-Team movie and made waves with fans, fighters and his employers alike. The current season of TUF in which Jackson coaches opposite Rashad Evans was largely serving as hype for their previously scheduled fight, has been a wash with that match-up having gone down the drain before the show could run its course.

Although the exit was quick and seemingly steadfast, Jackson has expressed intense frustration at UFC President Dana White and “cocky” Rashad Evans and now says he’s motivated to silence the critics of his movie aspirations.

Now, I wanted to let my fans know that I’m going to come back to the UFC & finish my contract. Not because the haters are talking shit about me being scared of Rashad or Titties or anybody else. I’m coming back for my fans & to shut Rashad’s mouth up & shut Dana’s mouth up. Then after that I’m going back to doing movies & I might do a boxing match once a year just to stay in shape. Hate on dis! – RampageJackson.com

Whether this will happen (oh, it will) or not remains to be seen but we know the UFC is where Quinton makes his living and the build-up to a match with Evans is already at great heights.