Republican and Democratic MMA fans alike, prepare yourself for what is truly a video to get underneath your skin.

Matt “The Law” Lindland’s opponent in the state house elections, Suzanne VanOrman (D), would like us to believe his decorated career as an athlete is a brutal disgrace to society. As a long-time fan of the sport of mixed martial arts, I find it to be terrible that such tactics are being resorted to in a political race. Sure, smear attempts are made all the time, but this is just plain shameful.

Shame on you, Suzanne VanOrman; for you clearly must rely on weak attempts at jading the public’s perception of a stand-up man, athlete, and father/husband, instead of championing your own platform. VanOrman, I suggest you subscribe to and soak up why MMA is widely considered to be full pure, unmatched sportsmanship.

Displeased at VanOrman’s lack of class and ability to respect American athletes?…

“Contact Suzanne VanOrman via email at, phone her at (541) 386-9290, call her headquarters at (541) 386-1034, or view her web site at: Suzanne’s headquarters is located at 8 Fourth Street, Hood River, OR (above the Double Mountain Brewery). The office phone number is (541) 386-1034.” –