Mike Goldberg announced tonight during Ultimate Fight Night 15 on Spike TV that although season 8 of The Ultimate Fighter is barely getting underway, the UFC is already getting the ball rolling for season 9 with tryouts in October of this year. Here’s the kicker… season 9 is tentatively dubbed “U.S. vs U.K.” Blimey, mate! For those of you who thoroughly enjoyed the Bisping-Hammill banter, you’re surely in store for plenty more of the “across the pound” competition.

Additionally, Goldberg mentioned the weight classes to be featured on TUF 9 will be a mix of welterweights and middleweights, with one winner from each division emerging at the end of the season/tournament.

For those aspiring mixed martial artists looking to get a shot at entering the big-time, open casting calls will happen in both the U.S. and the U.K. on separate dates (as follows).

  • Season 9 TUF tryouts U.S. – Oct. 27 in Chicago, Illinois
  • Season 9 TUF tryouts U.K. – Oct. 20 in London, England

Surely, there will be more news coming down the pike from the UFC via their official website. Look for Dana and company to possiby make further references to TUF 9 on this season featuring light heavyweights and lightweights being coached by former champ Frank Mir and current interim title holder Antonio Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira.


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