The Beebs appears in an MMA-ish photoshoot which can be described only as… highly perplexing. It seems as if some fashion photog on acid got ahold his Mark III and went off the wall with this teen sensation. See for yourself over at Complex Magazine’s Justin Bieber Boxing vs. BJJ gallery.

A bill which aims to legalize MMA across all of Canada has been introduced. Certain areas of our neighbor to the north prohibit prize fighting events, despite the sport being huge across the country. Anyone who’s sat down to see a UFC event featuring welterweight champ GSP in his hometown knows how much the land of hockey loves combat sports.

Two of the best flyweights in the world will go at it once again to complete the UFC’s inaugural 125 lbs. tournament, when Ian McCall and Demetrious Johnson fight on June 8th. Let’s hope the commission can count the points this time and correctly identify the victor.

Jake Shields think he’s close to striking with the best kickboxers and Muay Thai specialists in the world, in MMA competition. Waddya say about that, fight fans?

Chael Sonnen awaits a contract to fight Anderson Silva. Oh Chael, we can’t get enough of your high tales and half-truths but it’s making it hard to tell what’s black and white. Mission accomplished?