georges st. pierreIntroducing a new column here at, Monday Morning MMA Marinade will serve as my platform for casually expressing the results of what stews in my mind for the post-36 hour period following a major event. This past weekend’s delight from Vegas was UFC 94, in which we saw one of the greatest performances ever when reigning welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre destructed loud-mouthed (and under-prepared) B.J. Penn.

In addition to GSP showing us why he truly deserves to be mentioned as part of the world’s top pound-for-pound fighters, there was much to take note of outside of the title fight.

Jon Fitch is ready for all comers, as usual. This beast of a 170 lbs. fighter will continue to grind, grind, grind. Look for Jon to retain his contender status for quite a while and have another crack at the belt in 2009.

Lyoto Machida made me a happy man by KO’ing Thiago Silva in the co-main event of the evening, as to silence the critics who classify him as “boring”. I don’t hear them chiming away now with such rhetoric, do I?

My Gamburyan vs. Tavares prediction proved true as Thiago ousted Manny in a decision win. One can only guess as to why many bloggers and pundits picked Manny to win via TKO, but the fact is he does not have what it takes to hang in the UFC. Perhaps he’d be better suited at a lighter weight, but the lack of technique would still be apparent.

Congratulations to Clay Guida for his victory over formidable opponent Nate Diaz, and yet another display of amazing cardio. The well-spoken Italian brought the pressure I thought he would, and negated Diaz’s guard (not an easy thing to do). With this win being his third in a row, I’m itching to see who the UFC next tosses into his painful world.

94 was spectacular and now with Fight Night 17 this Saturday, and 95 airing free on Spike, the action won’t be hard to find in the coming weeks. We’ll of course be providing coverage leading up to each, as well as live results. Excuse me now as I replay GSP vs. Penn 2, because DVR is a beautiful thing.