gina caranoAnother week has come and gone in MMA and we now know who the Strikeforce lady champ at 145 lbs. is. After having steamrolled female fighting sensation Gina Carano on Saturday night, Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos is likely not the face of women’s MMA but is quite arguably the best.

Carano quickly found out inside the cage that she is not on the athletic level she needs to be. She absolutely did the best she could and showed a warrior’s spirit, but the speed and agility was just not clicking after absorbing a few Chute Boxe-branded power punches.

Hopefully, she will continue her time with Randy Couture and evolve as a fighter and athlete. Bouncing back will require dedication and determination to cleanse the bad taste of this loss.

Now for the ten points the fan can take away from this weekend…

  1. Carano will likely continue to be the “face of women’s MMA”
  2. Women’s MMA desperately needs more fighters to grow
  3. Strikeforce is not doing themselves any favors by falling into Elite XC-ish marketing w/ Fedor
  4. Carano must dedicate the majority of her time to the gym to hang with the “Cyborgs” of the world
  5. Chute Boxe camp in Brazil could have new life with the new champ on their hands
  6. Gegard Mousasi is the real deal but clearly had no interest or passion for the Sobral fight
  7. M1 Global branding and discussion was rather absent from Saturday night
  8. Strikeforce Showtime broadcast was cut off early, leaving many fans unhappy
  9. Scott Coker has said Hieron will now likely face Diaz for the WW title before year’s end
  10. Gus Johnson’s commentary was abysmal at best, once again