miguel torresCurrent WEC bantamweight champ Miguel Torres spoke recently to Versus about his future in the lighter weight divisions in both his current organization and UFC.

Torres has been dominant at 135 lbs. but his frame could certainly stand to pack on some muscle and compete with the like of Urijah Faber, Mike Brown, and… the BJ Penns or Kenny Florians of the MMA landscape. That’s right, we may see the popular Mexican-American fighter enter the Octagon before too long.

“The future is bright for 135. I want to fight here for another two or three years, and once I have solidified myself at 135, I plan on moving up in weight. I can’t fight forever. I can dominate 135 for the rest of my career and be comfortable, or I can test myself and be out of my comfort zone and try to make more money. I think fighting at a higher weight class, there will be bigger purses, bigger paydays and more high-profile fights. So, I am looking to do that in the future. To go to 145, I wouldn’t get a huge bump (in pay), but if I were to go to 155 and get a three-fight deal (in the UFC), I am sure I could get a huge increase in pay. And then (I can) always come down to 135 or 145.”