lyoto machidaIn a potential fight that hardly anyone would have interest in, Lyoto Machida says he would be open to facing Tito Ortiz again. He revealed to Fighters Only Magazine that UFC brass had been pegging Ryan Bader as the Brazilian’s next opponent, but that was nixed when Bader shockingly lost his most recent fight in the first round.

“They wanted to put me with Ryan Bader but he lost to Tito Ortiz last weekend so, so far I have no opponent,” he said.

“I could have faced Rampage [again] or even Jon Jones but they will face each other next. The other opponents that I could have fought already have fights scheduled.

As for a rematch with Tito, Machida says “If it is a really interesting thing, it can happen. Not ‘financially interesting’ but interesting in the sense of, if it would move me forward, closer to the title. Then I would surely take that fight.”

I’m all about seeing Tito Ortiz work his way back up the light-heavyweight ladder, but not squaring off against Machida. Certainly the “Huntington Beach Bad Boy” has a shot at winning in any fight that’s scheduled for him, but any legitimate rematch calls for a compelling argument to meet again. As for this pairing, the argument just can’t be made.

Ortiz vs. loser of Evans vs. Davis, anyone?

Source: Fighters Only