lyoto dragon machida brazil“He cannot defend my style… no-one can” – Lyoto Machida, appearing on “Countdown to UFC 98”.

“Let the punches fly, see where they land” – Rashad Evans, mere hours before being knocked unconscious by new light-heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida.

“The Dragon” dissected the former champ Evans quickly, scoring a brutal KO in just a round and a half into the bout. Undoubtedly, Machida has now earned the respect and admiration that many were hesitant to give the unorthodox fighter.

A 15-0 record speaks for itself though and the 6 dominant wins with cerebral ingenuity inside the Octagon were the main factor in my having picked Machida to win by knockout all along.

Let’s take a look at some fellow MMA enthusiast and fighter reactions (via Twitter) after Machida exuded brilliance last night.

Machida = master technician. Truely the new breed of Mma fighter. Brilliant performance. – Kenny Florian

Fights were great. Lyoto looked great. – Frank Trigg

I’ll get the VOD as soon as I can. I wanted this so bad. (Machida) – Gordon Fontenot

Still amazed by last night’s Machida vs Evans fight. What a finish! Best UFC main event in a long time. – Sean Minogue