MMA in America is still struggling to be accepted as a legitimate, accepted sport capable of earning profits as other major sports do, even with the major success of the UFC, WEC, and other popular promotions. News out of Louisiana, as reported by, further illustrates that the boys in blue hardly want us fans purchasing gold sodas on their fairgrounds.

The Beauregard Parish Police Jury would not entertain a motion on a recent alcohol issue arising from the covered arena located on US 190.

Covered Arena Board Member, Danny Futch appeared before the jury at a crowded special meeting called to order on Thursday afternoon to request a one time Special Event Permit that would allow the consumption of alcohol at the Beauregard Parish Civic Center Covered Arena (BPCCCA). The reasoning behind such a permit request was the upcoming Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Fights scheduled at the arena. A proposition was passed in 2006 that allowed the sales of alcohol on the premises, but the consumption of such is still illegal. “Why is it alright to sell alcohol in the arena, but it can’t be consumed?” Futch asked aloud at the meeting.

The police jury owns the property that the covered arena is located on, and so Futch made his plea to the jurors in the hopes that they would overturn that ruling for the one night of the fights. “I’m just asking for a one night, five hour event,” said Futch. However, the jury would make no motion on such – “Police Jury says ‘No’ to alcohol sales at MMA event”

Futch went on to say that he’ll continue to work hard on MMA events gaining credibility in the bayou state. It’s important to remember that smaller fight events like UMMAF paved the way for the success of the largest organizations of today.

I’ll leave you with the following recommendation. Support your local mixed martial artist by patronizing an event in your area.

>> Follow-up question: Do you believe alcohol permits should be granted to MMA promotions, even if just for a one-night basis?