uwc 7 redemption lie fight resultsAre…you…ready, for UWC 7: “Redemption“!? The fighters are set to take stage tonight from Fairfax, Virginia and into television sets/computers around the country via Pay-per-view (order here). We also welcome all of our visitors from Brazil, UK, Canada, France, Russia, China and beyond.

6th-Round.com will be providing live fight results beginning with the first bout getting underway at appro0ximately 7:00 p.m. EST.

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UWC 7: “Redemption” fight results:

Things coming alive here at the Patriot Center for UWC 7. Big John and Mario Yamasaki in the house for officiating tonight. Clay Guida circling the mat earlier, as well as some other of tonight’s fighters. Net briefly dies out here in the Center but is quickly restored by the great UWC staff and we’re about to begin the first bout of the evening with Arantes vs. Assuncao.


Round 1: The fighters touch gloves and we’re underway. Some legs kicks by Arantes to tets range, big overhand right by Arantes misses. Assuncao takes a blow to the crotch and shakes it off. Swift leg kick thrown by Assuncao and checked by Arantes. Assuncao jabs, closing the distance. Arantes drops Assuncao but Freddy back to his feet. Arantes finding a home for the right leg kick, and now the left. Assuncao with some powerful straights but Arantes retreats to avoid damage. The fighters continue to circle the cage. Heckling from ignorant fans continues cageside. Assuncao throwing some combos but not landing much. Assuncao takes Arantes down with a solid combo followed by double leg. Assuncao looks to pass the guard. Arantes knows what he’s doing on the ground and maintains guard but takes some damage. Assuncao continues to work the GnP. 10 seconds left in the round.

Round 2: Second frame opens with both men feeling out range and throwing kicks. Assuncao clearly has more power behind his strikes. Assuncao with a superman punch but doesn’t find a home for it. Arantes reverting back to successful leg kicks to Assuncao’s calves. Arantes taunting Assuncao with hands completely down, not wise. Assuncao maintaining composure and staying patient. Arantes throws the kick again and it’s followed by an Assuncao combo that lands. The fighter clinch against the cage. Assuncao works the knees in the clinch. The fighters once again slow the pace while finding range. Very evenly matched thus far. Arantes throws and soemwhat lands the inside leg kick but Assuncao takes him down again. Assuncao delivers ground and pound from inside Arantes’ guard. Assuncao landing some serious shots as Arantes is pressed against the fence. Assuncao is landing serious shots again and again putting the bout close to a stoppage. 10 seconds left. We’re moving onto round 3.

Round 3: Arantes has a bloody nose and does not as comfortable and cocky as he did in the first round.  Assuncao looks fresh and continues to test the range while throwing effective jabs. Arantes retreats while keeps the hands up this time around. Assuncao lands and solid straight that phases Arantes. Arantes throwing the inside leg kick. Assuncao continues to look fresh and is landing more shots. Arantes tries a spinning back kick and misses. Assuncao with good head movement pushes forward but eats another leg kick. Assuncao and Arantes tie up after Assuncao look for the takedown. Assuncao scores the takedown but had to make a reversal in the process. Assuncao once again in Arantes’ guard but they quickly get back to the feet and take center cage. Assuncao lands a body shot but eat a spinning head kick. The action and pace heat up as we approach the end of this match. 10 seconds left in the round. Assuncao is ahead on our card but it’s a close one and we’re headed to a decision.

Result: Freddy Assuncao defeats Felipe Arantes via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28. 30-27)


Round 1: Thhe fighters touch gloves and we’re underway. Riggleman looking for the takedown with a double turned into single. Both men continue to clinch but start slugging away furiously in an exchange. Riggleman scores the takedown and presses Ferguson against the fence. Ferguson maintains guard but east some damage. Ferguson locks up a triangle on the left arm and get side top mount. Riggleman looking for a way out. THE LIGHTS GO OUT IN THE CENTER and the fight is paused. Lots of boos ensure from the crowd. Big John checks with the commission and they continue the fight. Riggleman out of bottom position and back into Ferguson’s guard. The crowd loves the reversal. We’re headed to the second round. Good round for Riggleman. We have Round 1 for Riggleman, 10-9.

Round 2: Ferguson looks for a guillotine as the two clinch against the cage. Ferguson employs some dirty boxing. Riggleman showing some good greco as the two battle for position. The two swing wildly and both land shots to the head but Riggleman again scores the takedown. Riggleman is looking for full mount from the side position and nearly has it. Riggleman landing shot after shot as he pressed Ferguson against the cage. Ferguson again seeks the guillotine but there’s nothing there. Riggleman scores a huge takedown and the crowd goes wild. Riggleman is in side mount and rains down some elbows. The pace begins to slow considerably as Riggleman’s corner shout for an armbar. Riggleman back into Ferguson’s guard and Ferguson throws up and armbar. It’s tight and Riggleman tries to slam out of it. Riggleman is out of the armbar attempt and is back into the guard. Riggleman ground and pound in effect with 10 seconds left in the round. We’re moving onto the next frame. We see it 10-8 for Riggleman.

Round 3: Both men swing for the fences but not much lands. Riggleman sprawls and gets another takedown. Riggleman in half guard. Riggleman possibly looking for an arm choke from inside mount. Riggleman is nearly ito full mount and Ferguson clearly doesn’t have much of a answer for the wrestling in this bout. Riggleman and Ferguson back to their feet and the two separate. Ferguson lands some punches and gets the takedown. Riggleman back to his feet and pressed against the fence. The crowd loves the action in this bout. The two go for broke as the bout will end soon. McCarthy breaks the two from a stagnant cinch. Riggleman is punihin Feguson in the stand up. The two clinch once again and it’s a pretty even round but we see it going 30-27 to Riggleman.

Result: Jesse Rigleman defeats Taz Ferguson split decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

SUMIE SAKAI vs. IMAN ACHHAL (female bout):

The crowd goes absolutely wild for Iman Ichhal as she enters the cage.

Round 1: The fighters touch gloves and instantly tie up. The two battle for position and Sakai scores the takedown with great power. Ichhal is looking for early armbar and nearly has it. Sakai slams out of the submission attempt. A point is deducted from Sakai for a knee strike. Ichhal comes back from the pause with fury. The two tie up against the fence again with Ichhal on the outside. Ichhal scores a nice takedown but winds up with Sakai on top. Reversal, and Ichhal is back in dominant position. Sakai is working from the bottom position and employing the rubber guard. Ichhal postures up and delivers some ground and pound while staying wary of a sub attempt. Ichhal pushes Sakai up against the fence. The ladies are back to their feet. Close first round and this one could go either way.

Round 2: Touch of gloves and they’re tied up against the fence with Sakai on the inside. The two are expending quite a bit of energy seeking the dominant position and Ichhal lands on top with a take down. Once again they’re quickly back to the feet with Ichhal back on the outside of the fence. Sakai tries to strike but Ichhal moves in and presses up against the fence. Ichhal looking comfortable in the clinch and works some dirty boxing before bringing the fight to the ground. Sakai is suffering in full mount and Ichhal goes wild with blows from the top. The ref calls a stop to the bout and Ichhal notches her second pro win, this time via brutal TKO.

Result: Iman Ichhal defeats Sumie Sakai via TKO (strikes) – Round 2 @ 2:30


Round 1: McCray immediately scores the takedown after both throw bombs in the center of the cage. It’s an all-out slugfest here early in the first. McCray scores the TKO win as he throws blow after blow to the head of covered-up Almedia. The crowd goes fanatical for the local middleweight!

Result: Kris McCray defeats Igor Almeida by TKO – Round 1 @ 4:11


Round 1: The two tie up against the fence and the pace is furious from the start. Some knees exchanged in the clinch but neither is improving position. The two fighters break but meet back in the center of the cage and tie up after a quick exchange of punches. Baker on the outside working dirty boxing on McClintock. McClintock tries for a triangle choke but reverts back to maintaining guard. Beau gets pushed off and the two are back to their feet with a furious exchange rate. BOOM, Jacob KOs Baker instantly and finishes it off with some strikes on the ground.

Result: Jacob McClintock defeats Beau Baker by KO – Round 1


Crowd is really behind local Maryland middleweight Timothy Woods. Woods has a clear height and reach advantage over Sturdy.

Round 1: No touch of gloves and Timothy looks relaxed, testing range. A big strike to the head of Sturdy phases him. Woods in and out, not allowing Sturdy to land anything big. Sturdy presses Woods against the fence but they break away. Woods looking for the straight jab but Sturdy has good movement. Jab by Woods by Sturdy keeping the distance. The two tie up in the center of the mat and Woods lands a huge right to the temple of Sturdy. The two dance in the middle of the cage. Woods is getting the better of the stand up and lands a nice kick. Knee to the midsection of Sturdy and woods look good in the clinches. Both tie up again and they fall to the mat. Sturdy is cut badly and the figh is paused for a doctor’s approval. The fight will continue. The two come back into the center of the cage and are feeling each other out. Huge low leg kick delivered by Woods. Woods look for the KO right hook and misses. Woods is still relaxed and closing distance but there’s 10 seconds left and we’re headed to the second. Good round for Woods and we score it 10-9.

Round 2: Powerful exchange between the two but both seem to be okay and the bout continues on. Sturdy is showing some signs of fatigue while Woods seems fresh. Nice jab by Woods, as he continually finds a home for kicks and head shots. Woods is closing in on the kill. The bout is haulted once again for the doctor to step in and check Sturdy. Sturdy continues to bleed from the eye and Woods is exerting his will. Sturdy is fading and being thrown around. The low leg kick stuns Sturdy considerably and Woods is scoring major points. Sturdy can barely walk and Woods lands a flying knee. Woods is TURNING IT ON. We’ll see round 3 but Woods wins this frame 10-8 on our card.

Round 3: Woods still looking good and he throws a knee to the head of Sturdy followed by some serious punches to the grounded Sturdy. BOOM it’s over and Sturdy forces the TKO stoppage. Excellent performance by Woods who wore down the outclassed Sturdy.

Result: Timothy Woods defeats Ryan Sturdy by TKO – Round 3


Round 1: Touch of gloves and they take the center of the cage. Truex looks to push the pace and the two tie up against the cage. Big bombs being thrown by each fighter. Baker has Truex pressed up against the cage. Baker begins delivering strikes and throws a knee to the midsection. The two are still tied against the fence and Truex lands some serious head shots. Baker looks wobbly but is still standing. Baker still phased but pressing forward and throwing punches to the body. The two tie against the fence once again with Baker on the outside. Truex is landing the more effective shots. Baker, still on the outside, begins to throw some uppercuts that land. These two are really going for broke and each man begins to wear down in energy a bit.  Baker still on the outside and he lands a nice body shot followed by a kick to the midsection of Truex. Truex lands an uppercut of his own and the two are back to the middle of the cage. Baker with a leg kick and pressing Truex back into the fence. Baker lands a shot that nearly KOs Truex and then follows it up with several punches to the crouched Truex and it’s a TKO victory for The Alleycat from Virginia.

Result: Kyle Baker defeats Tommy Truex by TKO (knee strikes) – Round 1


Round 1: Title fight is underway here and the fighters start out throwing some jabs to establish distance. Inside leg kick by Dodson lands flush. Runez comes forward with an exchange and pressed Dodson against the fence. Runez is keeping a quick pace but Dodson stays focused. Dodson manages to keep the fight standing and it’s a crazy pace. Dodson with a steady jab and it’s still a close round thus far.

Round 2: We come out in the second and Dodson tries a flying knee that semi-connects. The fight stays on the feet and Dodson is throwing some overhand and hooks trying to find the distance and LANDS. Dodson looking for the choke after downing Runez. Dodson delivering serious ground and pound and the fight is close to being stopped. Wow, Runez is tough as nails and weathers the storm. The two meet back in the middle of the cage.  Dodson pushes Runez back up against the fence but they soon move to the middle again. Dodson scores the double leg and the fight hits the ground. Dodson lands a serious kick to the midsection and is really turning it on. Dodson is taking this round 10-8 at this pace. We’ll see frame 3.

Round 3: Dodson still looks fresh and Runez seeks to establish the jab. Dodson lands a nice leg kick that hops Runez. Runez throws the haymaker and whiffs. Dodson and Runez dance a bit throwing jabs, but no-one is cutting off the cage. Dodson lands a straight left and follows it up with a slick combo. The crowd approves and cheers Dodson on. Dodson avoids the single leg takedown attempt and circles Ruenz. Dodson with a nice knee to the midsection of Runez. Dodson keeping on the outside and staying calm while Runez looking increasingly frustrated. One minute left in the round. We’re pretty much at a stalemate and the crowd disapproves. The pace picks up as the round winds down and Runez looks for the single leg but Dodson answers and stuff with knees to the midsection. Tough round to call but we have it for Dodson, 10-9.

Round 4: Lots of support for both fighters as we enter the 4th round. Lots of movement and cutting off the cage from Runez. Takedown by Dodson, and the crowd likes it but they’re baack to their feet. Runez briefly executes a choke attempt but Dodson pushes away. Dodson throws a few straights but Runez retreats momentarily. Dodson jogs it out but the center boos heavily. Regardless, this is a great fight and the pace is maintained as both men realize this is a five round affair. Dodson is hit hard in the crotch and Runez thinks he has won as Yamasaki pauses the bout. We are waiting for Dodson’s ddecision to continue and the bout moves forth. Dodson is showing signs of wear and Runez pushes forth landing strike after strike. The bout comes to a close and this one goes to Runez, 10-9.

Round 5: The fighters hug it out and we’re underway in the final frame of this title bout. Dodson and Runez landing some jabs but nothing big yet. Runez tries the haymaker and misses while Dodson dodges. The two tie up against the cage once more with Dodson on the outside. Both men are gasping heavily but still in it to win it. Yamasaki breaks them up and we’re back to trading kicks in the middle of the cage. Dodson with some gas throws a few bombs and lands one. Runez circles and both men jockey for position with varying distance. Dodson throwing the inside leg kick. Runez takes Dodson’s back against the fence and climbs up to sink the choke. Dodson turns into Runez and the sub attempt dies. Dodson on the inside of the cage as the two clinch. Runez lands a nice combo to the head of Dodson and it’s a close bout. This one’s going to be tough to call. 45 seconds left in this title fight here at UWC 7 in Fairfax, VA. Dodson looks for the double leg but Runez stays tough. Both break and trade ferociously as the fight comes to an end. The crowd goes wild!

Result: Pat Runez defeats John Dodson via decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-46) and becomes new UWC world flyweight champion

MIKE EASTON vs. CHASE BEEBE (for UWC Bantamweight World Title):

Round 1: And we’re underway in this title fight. Mike Easton presses the pace and lands some blows to Beebe against the fence. Easton with a powerful leg kick showing nice muay thai skills. Easton establishes the jab early on. Mike with a brutal leg kick the stuns Beebe. Beebe takes the back and looks for the takedown but Easton defends. Beebe takes the back on the ground in side control. Beebe sinks the hooks in and Easton’s in troubled water. Clay Guida delivering instructions from Beebe’s corner. Easton is doing a good job in defending Beebe’s wrestling. Beebe still has the back but isn’t doing anything with it. Easton stands up with Beebe on his back and Beebe still can’t do anything with it. Easton turns into Beebe and takes him down followed up with serious punches. 10 seconds left in this opening round and Easton is raining down punches.

Round 2: Easton is landing some nice kicks and jabs while Beebe send a right hook through. Beebe throws a punch but eats a kick in the process. Guida continues to deliver good advice to Beebe. Easton is looking more comfortable on his feet and lands another kick that thuds with power. Beebe tries for the high kick and misses while Easton begins to press forward. Easton with nice boxing lands two blows while pushing Beebe into the fence. Easton throws a looping right and semi-connects. Easton with another nice kick and he is really finding a home for the muay thai offense in this bout. The crowd heavily favors Easton and Beebe is lacking power behind his kicks while telegraphing. Easton looks fresh and cuts off the cage in his advantage. Beebe looks to box but Easton sees the attack and defends. Another leg kick from Easton clearly frustrates Beebe. Easton shows good head movement and establishes himself as the better striker this round. Beebe is slowing while Easton appears as fresh as the first frame. We see this one for Easton and he’s up 20-18 on our card.

Round 3: Beebe and Easton scramble ending in Beebe taking the back once again. Beebe delivers some shots to Easton’s head which go unanswered. Beebe maintains dominant control and looks for the rear choke. Easton continues to attempt to defend the choke. There’s 30 seconds left and Beebe may not be able to sink the choke. Easton continues to defend. 10 seconds left in this round and we’ll see the fourth.

Round 4: Easton is looking good on his feet and it seems this will be where he has the best chance at winning. Beebe has his hands up but is eating serious blows. Beebe takes Easton down and gets the back, and they’re back to the feet annnnnd they’re back to the ground. Beebe has the back once again but can’t seem to finish. Deja vu as Beebe maintains back position but doesn’t do much with it. Likewise, Easton doesn’t have much of an answer for the wrestling aspect. They’re back to their feet Easton lands the leg kicks again. Pause in action as Easton has his glove fixed. Back to the action and Easton scores more leg kicks. Body shot by Easton right before the round closes. Tough fight to call, once again, as Easton is winning the stand up game while Beebe controls the ground with wrestling.

Round 5: Easton lands some nice body shots and then a kick to the midsection. Beebe doesn’t have much of answer for Easton’s strikes. The two meet back in the center of the cage and Beebe inches forward. Beebe has Easton’s back as they stand against the cage but here comes the ground work where Beebe has the advantage. Beebe flattens Easton out while having his back. Easton defends and Beebe’s arms look like they’re losing juice. Beebe maintains the back position and Easton still defending the submission attempts. Beebe gets too high on the back and Easton might shake him off. Beebe brings it back to the ground and ca’t do anything with it. Easton is doing his bet to get it back to the feet and he does. We’re going to a decision! What a fight and the crowd loves it.

Result: Mike Easton defeats Chase Beebe via split decison (49-46, 48-47, 49-46) and retains his UWC bantamweight title