dana whiteUFC will hold a press conference today at 2 p.m. EST to promote their upcoming event “Couture vs. Nogueira” on August 29th in Portland, Oregon.

The call will feature President Dana White and fighters Randy “The Natural” Couture and Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira.

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– Nogueira says he’s in good shape and feeling as good as he has in a few years

– Couture says he cannot afford to look past Nogueira

– Nogueira says he is ready for whoever the next opponent is, but is focusing on Randy

– Couture says he’s already been down the road trying to find a way to fight Fedor, the best thing now is for Fedor to come to UFC

– Randy believes Fedor will eventually have to come to the UFC

– Nogueira says he has worked hard for this upcoming fight

– Couture says he does not feel pressure coming into the match, and will letr the training take over

– Nogueira says he is 33 years old and still has a lot to do in his career, no plans for retirement

– Nogueira says his brother will indeed be fighting in the UFC “for sure”

– Randy does not view the three round fight much differently from a five rounder

– Couture says the lowest point of his career was losing to Chuck a second time

– Couture believes Carwin and Velasquez both deserve to be at the top of the heavyweight division

– Nogueira says Velasquez is explosive and has a lot of heart, both upcoming in the heavyweight division

– Couture has been impressed with the kinetic chess match Nogueira brings to every fight

– Couture says Forrest Griffin is back in the gym and training already

– Randy says it’s easier to fight someone you respect, and animosity just gets in the way of clear thinking

Conference call is now closing and thanks are given to the fighters and media for calling in