kenny ken-flo florianKenny “Kenflo” Florian talked with the Boston Herald recently and had some things to say about his upcoming title shot against BJ Penn.

Penn will of course, take on current UFC welterweight champion Georges “Rush” St. Pierre at UFC 94. UFC President Dana White has stated that Kenny became the #1 lightweight contender for Penn’s belt at 155 lbs. after his dominant victory over Joe Stevenson.

Here’s what Kenny had to say…

“With B.J., you have to keep him motivated. Hopefully after that performance he does see me as a threat and sees it as a potential great fight. I wanted to let him know that I was there and that’s how I feel about him…. I know I have a lot to learn and a lot to still improve upon, but at the end of the day, B.J. Penn is human. If he’s human, that means he can be beaten and, with the trainers that I have, I feel that anyone can be beat. I know that I’ll figure out a way to do it.”

Many MMA fans (including myself) are a tad frustrated at seeing the lightweight title picture held up for so long, with so many great contenders, due to BJ’s wanting (and being granted) a crack at the 170 lbs. title. Hopefully, regardless of the Penn vs. GSP outcome, BJ will square off against Kenflo before too long into 2009. You can bet the farm there will be fireworks when these two meet.