The New York Times published a piece this week in which UFC welterweight Karo “The Heat” Parisyan is mentioned as having said he makes approximately $175,000 a year from fight purses and sponsorships combined. Not bad, right?

Karo Parisyan, a top welterweight in the U.F.C. who makes roughly $175,000 a year from fighting and sponsorships, said this would be the first year that his fight purses will outweigh his endorsement dollars. (He added that the reason has more to do with an increase in salary than the current economic downturn, which has hurt fighters’ sponsorship deals).

By the way, are you guys and gals in agreement with R.M. Schneiderman that Karo’s a “top” 170-pounder? I know many of the hardcore fans, including Adam and myself, would retort that although the man has a name in MMA, he is need of putting a win streak together against some solid opponents.

As a closing note, Karo recently signed an eight fight deal with the UFC, last week. I personally am a fan of The Heat’s skills (think: Judo), and would really enjoy seeing him get back in contention. Time will tell, time will tell.

>> Read the full NYT piece here.