Josh Koscheck (13-2) vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida (10-2) is now officially the headline fight at UFC ‘Fight for the Troops’ at the Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville, N.C., on Wednesday, December 10. The bout was originally rumored a couple weeks ago, and then confirmed yesterday in USA Today’s complete line-up for the event.

This should prove to be a great match as both fighters have great conditioning and are well-rounded, yet still have their respective specialties. Kos is often argued to be the best wrestler in the UFC, and Yoshida is a solid Judo practitioner.

A quote from the article, illustrates Josh’s ambition and dedication.

“For me, at the level that we’re at, I’m just here to fight whoever they put in front of me and try to finish him quick, get the victory and move one step closer to becoming the UFC world champion.” first broke news of the event on Sept. 18. This event was originally slated to be held at Fort Bragg, however the venue has now been switched to the aforementioned Crown Coliseum. Tickets are not available for purchase, being that the fights will be free to the troops, and is available to the public only via Spike TV’s broadcast. You will however, be able to call-in throughout the evening and pledge donations to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. For more information on this, please visit the link above.

The card thus far, is as follows (according to USA Today).

• Koscheck (13-2) vs. Yoshida (10-2)

• Mike Swick (12-2) vs. Jonathon Goulet (22-9)

• Frankie Edgar (9-1) vs. Matt Wiman (10-3)

• Luigi Fioravanti (13-4) vs. Brodie Farber (13-4)

• Dale Hartt (5-1) vs. Corey Hill (2-1)

• Ben Saunders (6-0-2) vs. Brandon Wolff (7-2)

• Tim Credeur (11-4) vs. Nate Loughran (9-0)

• Johnny Rees (10-1) vs. Steve Bruno (12-4)

• Justin McCully (8-4-2) vs Eddie Sanchez (10-2)