jorge gurgelJorge Gurgel is hands down one of my favorite fighters. Fellow writers Adam D. and Tommy H. will tell you though, that Jorge also frustrated me to no end during his time in the UFC.

Gurgel’s a ground wizard with world class BJJ skills yet loves to stand up with his opponents, rather successfully at that. The problem in this was (and hopefully is no longer) that Gurgel’s kickboxing would be better served setting up takedowns as to bring fighters into his world on the mat, as opposed to purely scoring points.

Jorge has stated he’s excited for the chance to make a splash into Strikeforce’s lightweight division yet would ultimately have the goal of returning to the UFC one day. We expect good things from the Brazilian-born grappling ace if he chooses to increasingly rely on his roots and the first chance to showcase a newly reinvented gameplan will come against fellow 155 lbs.’r Conor Huen at Strikeforce’s ShoMMA June 19 event. MMAweekly reports that verbal agreements have been made by both fighters.

We wish Jorge the best of luck against a tough, respected opponent in Huen. This match carries high potential of being a thrilling bout, no matter your personal preference for stand-and-bang or shoot-and-submit.