Former UFC lightweight champion Jen “Lil Evil” Pulver returns to the cage in training partner Jeff Curran’s XFO MMA promotion this January.
(Jeff Curran)
hey everyone, lettin u know that u will see the real return of @ plus @ as part of @ show jan 22. cant wait

Pulver was last seen against Diego Garijo in August of this year. The current 145-pounder is on a six-fight losing streak but is working hard on getting back to form with Curran in Chicago. I wish Jens all the luck in the world and it’s a sure thing that the MMA world would love to see Lil Evil secure the win.

Update from the XFO Facebook page:

“Main card will be featuring Joey Diehl, Bryan Humes, Michele Gutierrez, & Jens “Lil Evil” Pulver. Lots of up & coming amateurs on the card too: Vince Romandine, Kim Novak, Chris Hartwig, Brett Hedrington, Casey Bybee, Kenny Booker, Cory Galloway, Tommy Lagray, Tim Lagray, Phil Williams, Diantis James, Scott Goldberg, & the list is growing…”