If there were any doubts, any bits of uncertainty whether or not Georges ‘Rush’ St. Pierre was a force in the UFC then all naysayers just swallowed their own tongues.  GSP is undoubtedly the most dominant welterweight in the history of the UFC, more so than long time rival Matt Hughes.  Georges had all the right tools to slowly and methodically dismantle BJ Penn in last Saturday’s main event.

Georges was out-striking the better striker and wore him down (both mentally and psychically) in the first round.

“You’ll notice I didn’t rush him right away going for the takedown (his style in his last few matches).  The idea was to cause him to have to hop on one leg and get tired, and push off, having to carry my weight in the clinch. That was the idea in the first round.”

BJ had no answer to the crisp punches and aggressive ground and pound unleashed by GSP and was forced to ‘throw in the towel’ between rounds 4 and 5.

Georges St. Pierre has made more of an impact in his division and it may be years before we see someone of his caliber again.  Thiago Alves, his next opponent will be Georges’ biggest challenge.  When you look at size in the welterweight division, GSP is usually the bigger fighter as he comes in at mid 180’s nearing fight time.  However, Thiago has been known to tip the scales at near 200 lbs after cutting down to 170 come fight day.  That’s a 30 lbs difference.  This will be his biggest test literally as GSP will be the smaller fighter in the octagon.

Without a doubt GSP is becoming a household name and will soon be marketed as the face of the UFC much like Chuck Liddell 3 years ago.  With a win against Alves, Georges will solidify himself as the greatest welterweight in history.  Georges St. Pierre will go down as a legend.