hawaii seal cageIn what was a seemingly inevitable step forward for MMA in Hawaii, the state’s Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs’ Boxing division will begin to regulate activities inside the cage and ring as of this week.

With the necessary legislation passed in 2008, the widely popular sport in the islands will now have oversight from a sanctioning body.

Although the talent pool is fairly deep in the tropical land, smaller-to-mid sized promotions have long been the only show in town. Several native Hawaiian fighters including B.J. Penn and Kendall Grove could enjoy prominent spots on future events held in their home area, with the UFC having already expressed interest in coming to Aloha State.

This is great news for MMA and Hawaii, and puts mounting pressure on the electively ignorant such as New York assemblyman Bob Riley. It is important to note that over 80% of the States now regulates mixed martial arts. Sign of the times, my friends.