Up-set : v., adj. uhp-set; n. uhp-set to defeat or overthrow an opponent that is considered more formidable, as in war, politics, or sports.

Kevin Ferguson, better known to most novice MMA fans as ‘Kimbo Slice’ was billed as a grizzled wrecking machine who can dismantle anyone or anything in his way. The problem is that he has never faced an opponent worthy to be considered formidable. In steps Ken Shamrock. The 44 yr old original UFC veteran and living legend was thought to be the one who will finally end Slice’s less than impressive undefeated record. But unfortunately this fight would not happen as Shamrock was medically forced to withdraw from the main event due to a very small eye cut that infuriated the veteran. Ken was quoted as saying “To me this is dumb, I’ve fought through an ACL injury, I was just warming up and getting loose when it happened.” This was a huge monkey wrench thrown into the already weakened cog wheel that is know as EliteXC.

The Shaws were at a crossroads now. Who did they have to replace Ken? Should they cancel the main event? What do we do next? How can we still get the most bang for our buck? In steps a less, almost enigmatic fighter, Seth ‘The Silverback’ Petruzelli; a former UFC fighter and contestant on cycle 2 of The Ultimate Fighter. Many strong Slice supporters let out a sigh of relief, not because Kimbo would not be fighting but the fact that Seth would pose less of a threat towards the bearded brawler. Kimbo’s entourage scrambled to bleed the company out of more money for a fight with a supposedly less skilled fighter which doesn’t make sense to anyone in the know. According to the gambling website Bodog.com, the lines against Seth were huge. If anyone bet against Kimbo they would score a pretty penny. Well guess what? It happened.

The bell rings and Kimbo charged!  Seth literally looked as though he was in a fight for his life.  With white milky eyes, bright pink hair and back up against the cage it looked liked The Silverback was being reduced to a mere baby chimp.  With a lackluster front kick and a, what looked to have been a very weak right straight, the MMA messiah was dropped to the mat.  Without hesitation the ape lept towards his fallen prey and proceeded to massage Kimbos face with fist after fist.  Approximately 12 punches were thrown at his victim and the ref had no choice but to call the fight while Shaw was seen cageside berating the official, claiming illegal punches landed.  14 seconds blew out the candle that was lighting Elite XC’s chances of being a top promotion in the MMA world.

Jared Shaw compared Seths victory to a Rocky Balboa fairy tale.  What is wrong with that scenario is that Rocky was a nobody and got a chance to shine in the spot light against World Champion Apollo Creed.  Although that may seem similiar to ‘Heats’ main event but the difference is…Kimbo is NOT a world champion and Seth is known by many in the MMA community.  Ferguson is merely a headliner first and then a fighter.  The comparison is moot.  Also Rocky lost to Apollo in their first meeting didn’t he?

To say Seth Petruzelli’s 14 second K.O. victory over the Miami native Kevin ‘Kimbo Slice’ Ferguson was an upset would be considered the understatement of the 21st century.  EliteXC may very well have held their last event, an event that will go down in history.


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