You may have noticed the current UFC welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre sitting cageside at UFC 90. Well, just as you and I saw Thiago Alve’s impressive fight against 170 lbs contender Josh Koscheck, GSP did as well. He had the following to say, on his blog at Yardbarker.

“I was very impressed by the performance of Thiago Alves he showed everybody why he belongs in the top fighters in the welterweight division. Of course, it’s up to the UFC, but I think he will be one of my next opponents pretty soon.”

Those are words of a man who sees “The Pitbull” possibly in his 2009 future. Of course, GSP will take on BJ Penn first, at UFC 94. This means that we could see the Alves – St. Pierre fight mid ’09, if Thiago keeps his winning ways.

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Sidenote: Thiago is headed to tie Royce Gracie, Jon Fitch and Anderson Silva as the only men who have put together eight straight wins inside the octagon.