miguel torresFormer 135 lbs. WEC champ Miguel Torres recently told ESPN.com that he’s open to fighting former 145 lbs. (now at bantamweight) champ Urijah Faber, even if the match doesn’t necessarily benefit either man that much.

“Now, there’s only bragging rights,” Torres told ESPN.com. “He’s coming off a loss. I’m coming off a loss. He’s had four title shots since then. He lost twice to Mike Brown, to Jose Aldo and now to Dominick Cruz. I lost fights to one of his students [Joseph Benavidez] and Brian Bowles.

“All the momentum we both had, we kind of lost. That fight is still one fans want to see, but I think this fight a couple years ago would have been a lot bigger.”

“It’d be a great fight for me because I never had the chance to fight him and we were on top for a long time,” he said. “What sucks is we both don’t really have as much to gain as we did two years ago, but it’s still a fight I’m looking forward to.”

I have to agree with Torres here, in that there’s a lot to lose without much to gain for either man in this potential bout. With Faber’s eye’s clearly on a rematch with champ Dominic Cruz, a loss to Torres would effectively cancel any chance at fighting for the belt this year. That being said, each fighter has a ton of heart and these guys are always all about giving the fans all that they have.

Source: ESPN.com