I’ll be clear from the beginning of this piece. Megumi Fujii won her women’s title fight against Zoila Frausto last night at Bellator 34. For the second time in a row under the Bellator banner, Frausto clearly lost a fight that went the distance and was awarded a gift decision by judges who are either too incompetent to correctly score a mixed martial arts bout, blinded by favoritism, or a disgusting combination of both. The official scores were 48-47 Frausto, 48-47 Fujii, 49-46 Frausto. 49-46 Frausto is irresponsible, appalling, and showcases why our beloved sport will be hampered in its growth until the system is improved. Dinosaur boxing judges with little-to-no knowledge of what constitutes a win in MMA are negating much of the positive that comes out of hard-fought, close battles. Frausto’s haymaker hooks that employ no technique and knockout nothing but calories are not fight-winning moves, no matter how much the judges at Bellator 34 would like one to think they are. Cage control, successful take-downs, accurate strikes and the rest of what Megumi Fujii correctly executed last night are fight-winning moves.

Fujii entered the title bout with a perfect 22-0 record in professional MMA, while Frausto came in as the less experienced fighter at 9-1. It’s important to note that the incorrect decision to award Frausto the fight ruined a perfect record that was mainly put together in another country. In what world are we now living where MMA judging in Japan can be seen as more objective than in the good ol’ U. S. of A.? Yes, the forever-famous PRIDE organization is criticized to this day for what many consider to be fixed reffing, judging, match-making, etc. but things have been surprisingly fair and accurate in the Land of the Rising Sun as of late, while fighters and fans increasingly struggle with digesting horrifically bad calls here Stateside.

Not much was made of the inaccurate call the judges made when claiming Zoila as the victor in her last bout against Jessica Aguilar because, well, it seems folks are having to become numb to these maddening score cards just to maintain some shred of faith that things will get better as the sport grows. But last night a title was on the line, as well as the continuation of a historic, undefeated record. Fujii was willing to up her level of competition by coming to compete here in the U.S. with the goal of claiming the Bellator women’s title and was rewarded with being utterly insulted by the Florida State Athletic Commission.

Respect goes out to Zoila Frausto and her camp, as they were clearly prepared. They have no control over how her fights are scored and cannot be faulted for having her hand raised. That being said, as we sit today, Megumi Fujii is the rightful Bellator women’s champ and the belt around Frausto’s waist is mere fool’s gold. There is always a winner and a loser in a fight and even if it is by three punches, two sweeps or one guard pass, and the outcome must be as accurate as possible. We can send men to the moon. It’s time now to score combat contests for actual victors. Long live Megumi Fujii and the spirit of competition that exists within amazing fighters, athletes, people like herself.