Fighting Politics is a new documentary being debuted at several film festivals, and I’m delivering my recommendation that you catch it. Why? Because Matt Lindland is the subject of the film, and the man’s become a legend in the sport of MMA and little is known to many fellow fans of how and why this great athlete fell from the UFC spotlight…through hardly any fault of his own.

Matt’s gone on to continuing leading a stand-up life as a great American and family man, while pursuing his passion for competing. Peruse the blurb and official trailer video here.


Cage fighter Matt “The Law” Lindland had to earn his nickname the hard way, through perseverance and a good lawyer. Back in 2000 Matt was in one of the biggest political sports messes ever, resulting in his case on the steps of the supreme court. His success in the sport of mixed martial arts came to an abrupt halt as politics came knocking on his door again. This is his story.

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